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This out-patient clinic treats patients with severe infections with or without immune deficiencies:

  • Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIs) in children and adults
  • HIV/AIDS in children
  • Infections with particularly severe consequences due to a congenital or acquired immunodeficiency
  • Tuberculosis in children
  • Infections with atypical mycobacteria
  • CMV and EBV infections
  • Variants of influenza
  • Other endemic and non-endemic infections requiring lab analysis and special treatment
  • Issues relating to vaccination and vaccination safety


  • Diagnostic clarification of vulnerability of children and adults to infections
  • Out-patient treatment for children and adults, e.g. infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin,
  • Out-patient diagnostics and treatment for children exposed to or infected with HIV
  • Conducting clinical studies on patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases or HIV/AIDS


  • Out-patient diagnosis and treatment of children with mycobacterial and other chronic infections
  • Out-patient consultations in special cases concerning vaccinations and vaccination safety

Making an appointment

Patients with statutory or private German health insurance can arrange an appointment by telephone.

Out-patient clinic (immunology)

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Augustenburger Platz 113353 Berlin

Campus / internal address:Mittelallee 8 (EG)

CVK, Mittelallee 8

Further information

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